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Important Notice

With the upcoming site move, members please make sure your email addresses are correct. To log into the new site you will be required to have a new password. This new password will be email to the address you have in your member profile.

When the database is imported over, at that point it will be too late to change it. After the move, any member with an outdated email address will have to contact me to have the address changed. For me to change it, I will need to know: your username, old email address, new email address. I will research your basic location (based on IP address - old site, new site) to make sure you are the true owner of the account.

Contributers wanted for project SysInfo and project How To Gambas

Hi all,

I'm looking for people to contribute to the projects SysInfo and How to Gambas
Check the project forums for details on what the projects are about

If you contribute to one of the projects you will become a project member and have access t project member only parts of the projects.

What is needed for project SysInfo?
  1. Testers: this means running an application on your distro and return a file to me, made by the applications. If I detect things not working in the file you send I might send you a fixed version to test again.
    Testing doesn't really end, so it would be nice if you could test all new versions posted (again and again) as the library Sysinfo is still in development
  2. Example builders: this means making a little application using SysInfo, writing a short explanation with screenshots on how you build it in the examples section and upload your source code to the software repo.
    Examples are meant to help people use the library in their applications. See examples for an impression on what is expected.
If you happen to have build an application using the library SysInfo you can create a topic about it in Applications using SysInfo.
Write in short about what  the application does, provide a screenshot or two and a link to where the application can be downloaded.

What is needs for the project How to Gambas 3?
  1. Proof and test readers: people going thru the manual for either checking correct use of language of testing if al that is claimed works as is claimed.
  2. Graphical Designer: capable of making a decent and good looking .pdf of the manuals (for web based downloading)
  3. Co-authors for part 1 on Installing Gambas: need to be able to exlplain and make screenshots of an installation of Gambas on tehir distribution (Debian/Ubuntu is completed, Fedora has been done for install from official repo)
If you can help out with one of these, please send me a personal mail here on the forum.:thumbs:Willy