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Gambas 3.4 released

Gambas 3.4 has been released today. ?

From the Gambas mailing list - Benoît said

Gambas 3.4 has been released (finally)!

This new release fixes about 240 bugs and adds about 270 new features.
Here are some main changes:
* A custom terminal font is now provided with the IDE.
* Better subversion support in the IDE.
* Patch support in the IDE.
* A new gb.args component that replaces gb.option.
* A new gb.maps component for displaying Google Maps, OpenStreetMap… inside your application.
* Support for the freedesktop shared MIME database.
* The old drawing API has been deprecated. Now everything is based on Cairo for GTK+.
* Many controls are now implemented in Gambas and shared between GUI components.
* A new fast blur method in the Image class.
* The webkit component now has full support for DOM parsing and editing.

See the Release Notes for the list of all new features and bug fixes.

Enjoy it! – Benoît Minisini