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Application Name lsb-releaseEditor
Short description To edit lsb-release info for distributions
App version 0.0.6
Gambas major version 3
Gambas minor version 5
Application status Beta


Long description Requires LibGb3DevAid-qt4 - 1.0.7 or higher installed

 lsb-release is a file common on a lot of main distribution.
 You will find it on about all Ubuntu based distributions.

 The file contains information on the distribution.
 lsb_releaseuses the lsb-release file to produce this info in a terminal
 or to be retrieved by other applications.

 lsb-release Editor allows you to load your systems lsb-release information,
 edit it and save it back. (Be aware of what you are doing, this is no toy!!)

 It contains examples of several distributions lsb-release files. These examples
 can be loaded into the editor and saved to being your systems lsb-release file.

 It also allows you to check output generated by the systems lsb-release using

 A nice tool for those working on creating their own distribution.

Available languages:
English (default)

This application can be installed from the application ShowCase
Additional notes Ubuntu packages only!!

== lsb-releaseEditor 0.0.6 - Beta 2 release (rev. #007) ==

- INF: Requires LibGb3DevAid-qt4 - 1.0.7 - Stable (rev. #036) or higher
- INF: Requires Gambas 3.5 or higher
- BUG: #002 Cancelling File -> Open doesn't crash the application anymore
- BUG: #003: Closing main form now closes all other opened forms
- NEW: Implemented new methods delivered by LibGb3DevAid
- NEW: Extra argument -a to show version, revision and state in one
- NEW: Extra argument -l to show short version of license
- NEW: Some additions to the routine that checks if lsb-releaseEditor is already opened
- NEW: Auto update and install of LibGb3devAid when new version available
- NEW: Auto update and install of lsb-releaseEditor when new version available
- NEW: Menu Edit -> Mail Settings renamed to Error report settings.
- NEW: Menu Edit -> Preferences
- NEW: Preferences form to set update notifications
- NEW: Menu Help -> License to show Application License
- NEW: Dutch translation (100%)
- NEW: French translation (88%)
- NEW: German translation (88%)
- NEW: Spanish translation (88%)
- OPT: Changed bugreport mail address
- OPT: Changed some variable names to meet Application generals
- REV: Removed Menu Help -> lsb-release info because of too little info, too many ads.

BUG = reported bug fixed
ICL = includes other files used by the application
INF = information
NEW = newly added
OPT = optimized
REV = reverted earlier implementation
Tested distros

GambOS Alpha 2 - LXDE 0.5.8

Kubuntu 12.04 - KDE 4.8

Linux Mint 13 - Mate 1.2 and 1.4, Xfce 4.10

Lubuntu 12.04 - LXDE 0.5.8

Salentos 12.04 - Razor Qt 0.5.2

Ubuntu 10.04 - Gnome 2.30.2

Xubuntu 12.04 - xfce 4.8

Xubuntu 12.10 - xfce 4.10

Submission date October 15th 2014, 6:16 PM
My author profile page gbWilly
Primary Developer gbWilly
How to file bug report See menu Help -> Report problems... (in application)
Dependency LibGb3DevAid-qt4
Off-site download link lsb-releaseEditor-All.tar.gz
Image Image
Image gallery (right click to open in new window/tab) lsb-release Editor